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Opt-in To Promo Demo Sequence

Sometimes you have an offer you need to demonstrate in order to get new leads to buy. This sequence helps you do just that. It contains an opt-in and a series of casually-worded followup emails that direct prospects to demonstrations. This works very well with SaaS and other offers that require demonstrations.
<b>Can My New “Promptless AI”™ Write An Email That Creates An Irresistible Urge To Buy?</b>

Share your email below and find out. What you’ll get in your inbox was written without prompts…completely by copy and paste…and by clicking “The Magic Button”…I recorded a short video showing you exactly how I did it…just be SURE to check your email first!

Subject line:
SORRY! Forgot to say “hi” and “welcome”…

I got so exited about sharing BNSN’s Promptless AI™ with you…

…and copy that sounds utterly compelling and human…

…written with a few clicks and zero prompts?

Well, I forgot to be polite.

So…hi. ; )

I’m Jon Benson.

And I really appreciate you trusting me to help you navigate these AI and copywriting waters.

They’re kinda choppy.

A lot of crap out there to be honest.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade – this software and copywriting stuff – and AI for several years.

But there are guys who just jump on the hot trend.

Rest assured: I’m not one of them. This has been a passion of mine since 2010.

So if you want to just read more about me:

Nothing for sale there. Just a story about me nearly dying at an early age…and how that shifted something in me.

Some music videos (no kidding…trust me, there for a reason)

Just want you to know a bit about the man and not just the “copywriting guru” stuff.

My father always said to invest in the man behind the company. And I’m asking you to trust me enough to share your time and some of your hard-earned money…

…all so I can hopefully help you make a lot more of it.

So I think it’s only fair you get to know the real me.

As I hope to get to know you as well.

Talk soon,

Subject line:
Wanna see something REALLY scary?


There’s this really old movie called “The Twilight Zone.”

An even older TV series – and way better than the movie to be honest.

Rod Serling was a writing genius.

Anyway…back in the 80s they did a movie version of the TV show.


But it opened up with a fun scene with Dan Ackroid, the guy from “Ghostbusters” and “Saturday Night Live”.

The famous line was: “You wanna see something really scary?”

And he proceeded to turn into this creature.


I promise not to turn into some nasty monster…

…because when I say “scary”, I mean “scary COOL.”

You see:

I’m going to use BNSN to create a VSL right in front of you…live:

==> Watch BNSN create a VSL


BNSN is the only AI that can create a 45-minute long-form VSL…

…but since that would take a while, I opted to create a really killer 7-minute VSL.

I’ve had fantastic success with 7-10 minute VSLs these days.

Attention spans are shorter.

But also the sales copy that comes out of BNSN is just so vastly superior I can get conversions with only a short VSL.

So you’re about to see me create it right in front of you…

…then watch my creation on the same page.

Then if you’re not a member of BNSN?

You will be.

Because if it can do THAT…

…it can easily do emails, ads, opt-in pages, articles…

==> Watch BNSN create a VSL

…in fact, tomorrow I’ll show you how BNSN handles articles.

Talk soon,

Subject line:
“Can BNSN write articles?” Well…kinda…but in a killer way

Good news and “okay” news:

OKAY NEWS: BNSN is a copywriter, not a “writer”.

You don’t want an AI copywriter that has been trained to be a “writer”.

That’s ChatGPT.

And ChatGPT sucks when it comes to persuasive copywriting.

Just watch this demo of ChatGPT trying to write a sales letter lead:

==> Watch ChatGPT write a sales letter lead (yuck…gross ; )

So we spend ALL our time training BNSN to model the most persuasive sales copy in history.

Other AI platforms try to be all things to all men.



The best copywriter on the planet.

(And to think…he’s still only a baby… ; )


We also programmed BNSN to be insanely clever.

Like a copywriter (patting myself on the back as we speak…)

So while you’d never want to hire me, Jon Benson, to write an article for you…

…kinda like hiring Mike Tyson in his prime to pick on a 4th grade bully….

…you CAN hire BNSN to create articles for you in seconds.

Here’s how he pulls it off:

==> Watch me create an article on BNSN from an article on…GOLF?!?

As you can see, BNSN even in its MVP stage is limited only by your imagination.

Talk soon,

Subject line:
“Can BNSN write _____ for me?” (Honest answer)

I made a short video addressing a question we get a lot, especially since BNSN is still in its infancy:

==> “Can BNSN write _____ for me?” (Honest answer)

Since we’re offering a substantial discount on BNSN for becoming a part of our MVP team of Early Adopters, there are a few limitations.

Of course there are limitations on all software…all AI…all of everything.

But I feel you should know these limitations up-front and clearly…

…so I made that video for you.

Talk soon,

P.S. I also include in that video how you can get BNSN to write “almost anything” for you right now, as-is, as well as by simply being an MVP Early Adopter.

There are limitations of course, but our customers have been shocked at how fast we can train BNSN on copy you need.


Affiliates, Emails


Tone: Soft

Inspired By: Jon Benson


Steps: 5