MVP Terms of Service

Last edited on June 20, 2024

“YES JON! I want to be one of the first people to get Exclusive MVP Early Adopter Access to BNSN. I understand the software is still in development and I will be able to provide you direct input and feedback on the features I’d love to see… PLUS I save almost $500/year by joining TODAY!”

Yes, I agree to these terms and conditions:

(1) I understand BNSN is an MVP, and some features are currently absent (but will be added in the near future) such as search, help, and general admin.

(2) I understand that there are no refunds, only the ability to cancel monthly payments at any time.

(3) I understand there will be bugs here and there, and that I can report these bugs using Loom and the proper protocols if I choose.

(4) I understand that AI is known to occasionally hallucinate, and it’s been trained on most of the Internet. So I agree to fact-check references, statistics, etc, as well as check for similar copy being used elsewhere. This is rare, but it can happen.

(5) I understand that clicking the box on the checkout page acts as my signature and confirmation that I have read and understood and agreed to these conditions.

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